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No one knows the devastation and heartache of losing a baby more than a father or mother but rarely is it discussed. The parents are told to move on with their lives and forge ahead but the pain is always there. Hannah Stone offers support to grieving parents, as someone who has been there. Her book, "Forever Our Angels" is like no other in that fathers and mothers share their hidden pain over this very real loss.

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Hannah Stone offers the voice of experience and hope to grieving parents facing the devastating loss of miscarriage. She wrote "Forever Our Angels" for the sole purpose of allowing men and women to share their sorrow and heartache as they deal with pregnancy loss. No man or woman should feel that silence is an option.

"Asleep in Heaven's Nursery" includes the personal story of losing a child and offers comfort for grieving parents, addressing questions such as the following: *When is a baby considered a life? *Is my baby really in heaven? *What will my baby look like in heaven? *Is there an age of accountability? *Is God punishing me? *Is adoption really a good alternative to abortion? *Can I be forgiven for my abortion?"

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Missing GRACE Foundation's mission is to provide resources and support for families that have experienced: pregnancy loss, infant loss, infertility or adoption and to advocate for comprehensive, patient-focused prenatal care for all women. Five core areas encompass the heart of the mission: Grieve, Restore, Arise, Commemorate and Educate.

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HOBH is a non-profit organization focused on matters related to pregnancy loss and dedicated to helping women have successful pregnancies after experiencing a loss. HOBH was developed and is managed by moms who have lost a baby during pregnancy. is a safe place of healing, support and hope during one's time of grief, loneliness, and depression. Child loss, whether miscarriage, stillbirth, or older loss, is a pain like none other. It is the heartfelt desire of founder and author Clara Hinton that this will become a place to receive daily nourishment, friendship and support for child loss so that grieving parents will never have to feel alone or silent again.


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A TIME, an acronym for A Torah Infertility Medium of Exchange, is a non-profit organization devoted to the support and education of Jewish infertile couples and to the education of the community so that they can best help their loved ones who are experiencing infertility and pregnant/infant loss. offers bereavement support for parents whose babies have died during a pregnancy or in infancy. provides physical comfort and emotional support and resource information for women who have experienced baby loss through a miscarriage or stillbirth.


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Hannah Stone has published her second book, Remembering Our Angels: Personal Stories of Healing from a Pregnancy Loss. Order your copy now on,, and!
Correction: On page 39, the title of Kathleen Gray and Anne Lassance's book was incorrect. The correct title is "Grieving Reproductive Loss: The Healing Process." It was published by Baywood in 2003.

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Forever Our Angels by Hannah Stone. A compilation of stories told in the voice of mothers and fathers who are coping after the loss of their child during pregnancy. These stories offer a glimpse into the realities of miscarriage and stillbirth, and teach valuable lessons that can only be gleaned by hearing the heartfelt words of the parents who experienced such losses. There are many truths that come to light when you face the loss of a loved one. Of those many truths, there are two things that stand out as being universally experienced, yet completely opposite each other. First there is the fact that everyone experiences grief after loss as an individual; no two people will grieve the same way. Yet, as separate and unique as each of us will be in our grief, there is the rarest of comfort in learning from someone who has been there before that everything you are feeling is normal. In her new book Forever Our Angels, Hannah Stone has shared the individual experiences of seventeen mothers and fathers who have told the stories of their children who were lost during pregnancy. Ranging from very early first trimester losses to late term stillbirths, these are real stories being told in the voices of the parents who have in common the very raw and heart-wrenching loss of a child during pregnancy. These amazing stories touch upon the intimate feelings and emotions that encompass the range of experiences of pregnancy loss. From the manner of the doctor or midwife in delivering the bad news, to the crushing blow of not seeing, with their own eyes, the heartbeat during a routine prenatal ultrasound, one realizes how the events surrounding pregnancy loss become imprinted on the minds of the parents. Reading these stories, you see first hand how each parent will forever recall the kindness and warmth or the impersonal coldness that they were met with during their loss experience. This book would be a valuable resource for Obstetrical doctors, nurses, and midwives who might need to be reminded of the value in choosing their words carefully when treating parents whose baby has died in utero. This book might also be a great comfort to anyone who has experienced pregnancy loss at any stage, as it validates the fullness of feelings and emotions that so many bereaved parents face in seeming isolation. The very nature of pregnancy miscarriage is that often it is an unseen, and therefore an unvalidated loss. Our modern culture does not have a protocol to publicly acknowledge the enormity of it. Parents who experience miscarriage are frequently left isolated and ignored, because generally this type of loss is deemed typical, common, and therefore should be easy to get over. After closing the covers of this book, I hear the litany of names of each of these precious children echoing in my ears. I can feel the love and longing that each of these parents has for their much wanted child who will never be born, and admire the courage it took for them to share their stories of loss. These stories show that it simply does not matter how far along you are in your pregnancy; when you experience a loss, you have lost your child.

Rowan Tree Foundation

"Remembering Our Angels: Personal Stories Of Healing From A Pregnancy Loss" is a perfect title for Hannah Stone’s book. Each child that was lost in this book was a little
angel. It just was not their time to take their place on this world just yet, for whatever reason it may be.

The first few chapters were very informative, while the last chapters were tear jerkers. Some entries were written by doctors that have experienced child loss on a personal basis or have had patients that have suffered through the loss of a child. Other entries were written by mothers or fathers that have also experienced child loss. I found a lot of information there that I had no idea even existed.

I did not know that there was a thing called a perinatal grieving kit. It includes sometimes a plaster mold for the parents to have a little hand or footprint, a container for a lock of hair, and a couple other little things to help remember the child instead of trying to forget what happened. The day a parent loses a child is forever scared on their hearts, and nothing will ever make that day disappear.

In "Remembering Our Angels," it tells of ways parents grieved in their own ways. Most have found Internet support groups, talked with other parents that have had a loss, and have even found what works for them in order to help the grieving process. One thing that touched me was a balloon release ceremony. It, in a way, is like sending a gift up to your child in my opinion.

Having had a miscarriage of my own, this book brings to light a few things I’ve never thought of before. It is a great help to any who have lost a child no matter the age even if it was only a couple of weeks along or at the end of the nine month gestation period. If you or someone you know is hurting pick up a copy of "Remembering Our Angels," as well as Hannah Stone’s other book "Forever Our Angels." It has a lot of information between the pages for helping to heal the heart. 5 Hearts


Crystal Adkins

I have read and reviewed two books written by Hannah Stone, "Forever Our Angels" and "Remembering Our Angels" and I feel that these companion books should be added to everyone's list of resource reading for understanding and gaining support for the pain experienced during child loss.

"Forever Our Angels" is a collection of personal stories told from the heart of fathers and mothers who have experienced the pain we know all too well, the pain of losing a child through miscarriage. The stories are easy to read, and you will relate in a way that makes the stories seem personal and will leave you feeling like you have a friend who is walking this path with you.

"Remembering Our Angels" is a book that is written sincerely and has language that every parent who has experienced loss will understand. The emotional ties, the physical pain, and the trauma of loss are all dealt with in the stories. After reading this book you will never feel alone in your pain again.

Hannah Stone does a beautiful job of writing in a way that helps a grieving parent know that this pain is real, but it is a pain that others have felt and have gotten through, and so will you. You will have a better understanding of grief after reading these books, and you will be left with a feeling of compassion for your grieving heart.

Clara Hinton
Author - Silent Grief

"Forever Our Angels" by Hannah Stone is a collection of heart-felt and heart-wrenching stories from men and women alike that have all suffered child loss. Whether it be from miscarriage or still birth, each loss is unexplainably hard to deal with. I personally don’t think it can ever be just dealt with. That child will always hold a special place in your heart and there will be days when you remember something about that day and hurt all over again.

Each story explains how the person felt when they found out they were expecting, how they started to feel when something was not quite right, and the denial and guilt when they were told the horrible news. “ I’m sorry, there is no heartbeat, your baby is dead.” Crushing all hopes for some that it was not meant to be, and then for others that keep their hopes up of still conceiving in the future.

Miscarriage is more common than most think. 1 in 4 women suffer miscarriage early on; that saying about making it past the 12th week is not always true. The women in this book lost the children at different times throughout the pregnancy; some had to have D&C’s when it was still early enough and then others were faced with birthing their dead child.

I am one of the one in four women that have had a miscarriage and I know personally how hard it is once you’ve lost the little life growing inside of you that you yearn to snuggle with one day. I had the support of my husband and family, but they could not really console me because it was me that had lost the child. I wish I had found this book right after my miscarriage, I believe it would have helped ease the pain knowing that others have experienced the same kind of loss.

Hannah Stone is also the author of "Remembering Our Angels," another book on personal stores of healing from pregnancy loss. Ms. Stone’s novella was heart warming and can bring a sense of peace to the reader that may have experienced this kind of overwhelming pain. If you are in need of coping or needing to hear other stories to see that you’re not alone, then please pick up "Forever Our Angels." It will help. 


Crystal Adkins


Forever Our Angels is a collection of raw stories from women who have experienced pregnancy losses, and each story is unique. The book's emphasis is that miscarriages are NOT experiences to hide or be ashamed of. Each one of these stories describes a much wanted pregnancy and emphasizes that what was lost is worth grieving.
Readers will feel the pain of these essays; and there are no real words to remove this pain. The author describes how friends and family may try to comfort with ineffective and actually hurtful phrases that are meant with good intentions. Rather than saying such things as, "At least you have other children," the author recommends that friends and family try to comfort those experiencing these losses by saying, "I hope you are comforted by knowing I am sorry for you and I am thinking of you." Sometimes just being there and providing a shoulder to cry on can be helpful.
American Society of Reproductive Medicine 

Both [of Hannah Stone's] books were beautifully written and I felt that Hannah Stone had progressed after Forever our Angels, to finding a much better way of writing about each stage of pregnancy loss; grief and the healing process with her second book Remembering our Angels. Both books are honest and simply written and will have a big impact upon the reader from whatever walk of life.


Forever our Angels gives the reader a chance to read of others’ experience of pregnancy loss, showing just how common it is and letting us know we are not alone. It is well written and easy to take your time over. Remembering our Angels is written in much more depth and I think that this would be much more useful for healing and managing grief. I would recommend this book of the two purely because it covers so much unspoken ground for every aspect of pregnancy loss.


Both books are very touching and the way they are set out makes them very easy to read and understand. Both have introductions from medical staff – one doctor in Forever our Angels to many more in Remembering our Angels. I enjoyed reading the views of the professionals in the first chapter and felt comforted that it is now realised that validating the loss of all babies at whatever stage in pregnancy they are lost, is so important in the healing process.


Remembering our Angels felt like more of a journey for me; going through each stage of pregnancy loss and reading of how others coped with the experience and the grief. I felt that the point of this book is that they are still having to cope often without adequate support which is needed so much after losing a baby in pregnancy.


There are many good ideas of how to cope after pregnancy loss and many have had very positive experiences from being part of a group or organisation, both personally and in helping others. Both books give the message that this should not be a silent grief. As a volunteer for The Miscarriage Association, I found both extremely useful. They motivated me to appreciate that support for men, women and families experiencing this hidden grief was paramount, helping me to help them.


I feel that the author was very brave to touch on a subject so hidden and ignored in so many ways and I do think that many others will gain strength by reading the stories of loss and survival. It is important to understand that pregnancy loss is a part of our lives and to grow from it.


Lisa Taylor-Dowle

The Miscarriage Association

July 07

"Forever Our Angels" is a poignant anthology of heartfelt stories that will comfort and reassure other bereaved parents that they are not alone in their grief."
Marty Tousley
Grief Counselor

FOREVER OUR ANGELS by Hannah Stone is a recent addition to the support literature for parents who have experienced a perinatal death. With a professional foreword by Dr. Goldman, outlining the features of crisis and mourning facing bereaved parents, the book is divided into Chapters, each representing the chronicling of events, emotions and issues facing individual parents who have experienced a loss.

While there are a number of books of personal accounts of perinatal loss on the market, I found this offering by Ms. Stone to be particularly effective in outlining the complexity of events facing mourning parents. Written in a facile style with personal essays regarding the whole chronology of each loss, FOREVER OUR ANGELS presents in clear concise language the crisis of the medical milieu during and following a loss, as well as the detailing of many emotions which parents are often unwilling to discuss publicly.

I believe this short but moving collection would be particularly effective both in the hospital and out, especially for mothers and fathers who may be less likely or unable to pursue support-group options: the book will allow them to verify their own emotions and experiences, allowing them to find common ground without pursuing discussion groups which for some are impossible because of time, work or travel committments or for those parents who because of their 'style' of mourning may not feel comfortable talking to strangers, even those who have experienced a similar loss. Hannah Stone's first foray into writing in this genre is successful and helpful, bringing together her own experiences of loss as well as the caring eye of a writer.

Dr. Elizabeth Kirkley Best

Author of "Forgotten Grief"

"Ms. Stone and others courageously offer a glimpse into what they suffered. They offer comfort by acknowledging that a child did exist. "Forever Our Angels" is written simply and elegantly. It is with honor that I recommend this book to those who have suffered a loss or those who know someone who has."
Debra Gaynor

"This compact book approaches pregnancy loss from the perspectives of mothers and fathers who have experienced such a loss. The author put this book together with the hope that these personal stories will show others who have experienced a miscarriage that their grief is all right and they are not alone."
Cheryl K. Smith
Managing Editor

"Forever Our Angels" validates the profound suffering of women who have experienced pregnancy loss. This validation is the first step towards healing."
Christiane Northrup, MD
Author of "Mother-Daughter Wisdom" (Bantam, 2005), "The Wisdom of Menopause" (Bantam, 2001), and "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" (Bantam, 1998)

"This is a book about pregnancy loss. Specifically, it includes about 17 non-fiction essays written as 1st-person accounts. Each of the essays is written by a real person who has experienced a miscarriage. The book begins with an an introduction by a doctor of psychiatry, as well as a preface by the author Hannah Stone.

Hannah's conviction that this is a neglected subject is clear, and she herself describes three miscarriages that she experienced. The writers of the rest of the essays range in talent and skill, and the end result has the emotional honesty of a support group, sharing and processing their losses. A few of them are so touching and so honest they're unlike anything else I've ever read.

Take "Gwen" trying to find meaning from her lost baby, Ellie: "Her short life gave me an invaluable lesson. I learned to not take anything for granted. We can say life is a miracle, but I never fully comprehended what a gift it is until it was taken from me. I know Ellie is watching over us. She is my children's guardian angel. And when we meet in heaven someday, I will finally get to hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her."

Or "Alan" discussing his personal loss as a husband: "The conventional wisdom is that men do their grieving alone but for me, the opportunity to talk to others during the weeks following the loss was crucial. Many people came to me and said things like, 'I know there's nothing that I can say except that we are thinking of you.' These sentiments are what helped carry me through."

I feel like anything I would say at this point might trivialize these essays, and I don't want to do that. Each person's heartache, loss, and honesty deserves more than that, and Hannah Stone deserves praise for bringing this book to publication. It could not have been easy."
Stacey Cochran
Author of "Amber Page and the Lost Coral Stone"

"As a mother who lost 8 pregnancies before my sons were born, I found these stories to be most comforting, offering unique insights and some that mirrored my own experience. The message is that we are not alone, that others share our loss, that they are deeply sorry and thinking of us, offering their stories to help us handle our own."
Lenore Goldfarb

Forever Our Angels - A reminder that you're not alone

"What really struck me about them was how they seemed like such real people. The stories are told without fancy words designed to tug at your emotional heart strings. They are told by parents who are sharing how they felt and discussing what they have gone through.

And that does give you something to relate to. You will probably recognize elements of your own experiences in these writers' stories. It's helpful to know you're not alone. In the fullness of the detail recounted by these writers, I almost wonder if this book is even better for the friends and relatives and doctors of women who miscarry than it is for the women themselves. A reader would be hard pressed to get through it without acquiring a better understanding for the experience of miscarriages."

Krissi Danielsson

Miscarriage Editor

"Hannah Stone's "Forever Our Angels" is a touching collection of first hand accounts from both women and men who have suffered through the heartache and loss of a miscarriage. It brought tears of comfort for me from my own personal loss, because it helped me understand that other people were as confused and lost as I was during such a painful time. While this collection certainly will not give grieving parents and answers or a cure, it does allow them to not feel alone.

The layout of the book is simple, with large text (large enough for bleary eyes to read). The accounts are concise and to the point and low on technical terms.

"Forever Our Angels" is a good message to give when you don't know what to say. Death is never easy to deal with, particularly when combined with the loss of potential and what might have been. Hannah Stone's collection wraps a blanket of comfort around those grieving by allowing them to relate to the personal experiences of others."
Julie A. Dawson

“It is a collection of stories from the heart that parents who go through the loss of a baby will relate too.”
Cathy Fritea
Author of Tiny Hands Change the World